Tile has a wonderful product that helps you locate your things.  You can Ring your things, find your phone, locate the last place your item was seen and create your own search party through the world’s largest lost and found community.  Simply attach the tile to your item, download the app to your phone or tablet and now your item is ready to be located if lost.

Tile took to social media and asked bloggers and social media users to spread the word about their company and product by using the Hashtag #TileIt.  Tile has partnered with these micro-influencers in an effort to get their brand in front of the influencer’s readers.  Everyday people with a need for their product are now part of Tile’s marketing team by using their social media platform to create content for and about the Tile brand.

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Tile has done a great job using social media users in an effort to spread the word about their brand.  Like most products available to the consumer, everybody needs their product.  Therefore, everybody who uses social media can be a great asset for driving traffic and providing brand and product information to their readers.  This collaborative posting approach will provide some influence and recognition of the brand’s products to the user’s readers and followers.

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