What a great product line Dr. Katz has created for dogs with itching, anxiety and joint mobility problems.  Dedicated to the well being of animals, Dr. Katz focused on older pets with chronic conditions that were having difficulties in their daily activities.  His focus on joint mobility, disc disease, arthritis, hip dysplasia and anything preventing range of motion led him to the creation of Therabis.  Therabis product line includes The Calm and Quiet Treats or single serving, Up and Moving and Stop the Itch.

External influences have prevented our pet’s natural production of its own cannabinoids resulting in joint inflammation, anxiety, and digestion problems.  Therefore, focusing on the endocannabinoid system, the body’s central regulatory system that affects digestion, mood, sleep and inflammation, Dr. Katz turned to hemp and CBD.  The formulation of Therabis’ products, creates a natural therapeutic affect that positively improves itching, anxiety and joint mobility resulting in a dramatic improvement in quality of life for our pets.

Using his proprietary hemp cannabinoid blend his customers have seen significant improvement in their dogs lives enabling them to enjoy the great outdoors like they were meant to.  In order to reach more pet owners and spread the word about it’s success, Therabis turned to social media to promote their brand’s message.

Creating the HashTag #GrabTheLeash, and inviting Social Media Users to post about Therabis products and their stories … Instagram Posts #GrabTheLeash & Tweets #GrabTheLeash

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