HashTag Marketing is Redefining Search within Social Media Channels

Hashtag marketing campaigns allow a company’s brand to spread through social media channels. Picking a unique, creative, hashtag for your brand gives consumers the ability to quickly tweet, reference, and promote conversations online. Picking unique hashtag(s) will make your brand stand out in conversations and create the ability to search and respond to customers.

Hashtag Branded has a network of influencer marketers standing by ready to engage consumers. We offer the unique ability to set up long term campaigns or provide a much needed boost over the holidays.

Looking to build your own community of marketers? Contact Hashtag Branded today to speak with a Recruiter about ready made lists providing access to engaged audiences around the globe.

Brands Looking for Influencers

Hashtag Branded's network of influencers offer brands a way to create unique content and engage audiences through organic content. Influencer content is a great way for brands to promote products, increase web traffic, establish sales funnel or get feedback on products.

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We are currently recruiting individuals to write, post and share on their social media accounts and blog(s). If you are an established influencer with a large audience additional opportunities are available.

Tile has a wonderful product that helps you locate your things.  You can Ring your things, find your phone, locate the last place your item was seen and create your own search party through the world’s largest lost and found community.  Simply attach the tile to your item, download the app to your phone or […]
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The Libman Company has taken to Social Media once again in 2017 with their Hashtag Campaign, #EmbraceLifeMesses! For 10 weeks the Embrace Lifes Messes Campaign gave away products and special prizes during their 171 retail location tour in 20 US cities that ended on August 27th.  The tour was documented with blog posts, photos and […]
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What a great product line Dr. Katz has created for dogs with itching, anxiety and joint mobility problems.  Dedicated to the well being of animals, Dr. Katz focused on older pets with chronic conditions that were having difficulties in their daily activities.  His focus on joint mobility, disc disease, arthritis, hip dysplasia and anything preventing […]
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Unique, Innovative, Creative

Our most plugged in consumer are young and plugged in to brands. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr for example are all searched by young consumers for news and reviews. All brands can and should—be setting a plan to brand their products and services in the new digital search.

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Embracing New Media Marketing

The online consumer is readily seeking out information and entertainment. Online viewers readily entertain messaging and recommendations created by other users and celebrities. Advertisers have realized that traditional media is virtually ineffective in reaching the plugged in consumers. It is time for brands to redefine their relationship with young people. Hashtag marketing allows businesses large and small a way to build an engaging relevant marketing campaign.

We work with you

We’re a small creative marketing team. We will make sure you know who is doing the work for you. Communication should be easy and we will make sure your are in the know.

We are creative

We welcome the challenge of creating a unique, innovative influencer marketing campaign for your brand. Brand a specific service or product for your company or just your #yourbrand.

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We have bloggers and social media influencers ready to unleash your #hashtag campaign. Our brand ambassadors can be just the boost your business needs get your business trending or boost to holiday web traffic.

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